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July 28, 2008
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-- Ganesha -- by Pokelai -- Ganesha -- by Pokelai
Last year I went to Phuket with my colleagues on a company trip, then I found this interesting elephant-like statue in a night market, and I bought it...later back home I found it tat it's one of the goddess in Hinda religion called Ganesha, Lord of Obstacles. I don't know much about him, but it will be fun to have a cartoon version of him. For more information, please read this [link] =)
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Crappedman Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Professional Artist
He will be in PUYO PUYO 8, because when losing, Zoh will pray his last words to him and cry.
ClayBrigadier Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
That's not right .
NeelamChandwani Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010
Your art is featured here- Ganesha- The Elephant God [link] Thanks for sharing! :)
madhi002 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2010
wow!! this is awesome!!! this is such a cute drawing.. awesome job!!!
MugoUrth Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2009
Looks a bit too Neopet-ish. Other than that, pretty good.
adamu-chan Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I must be a sinning pervert to have a thing for that God X3 then again my fursona derives off a God as well so i think its pretty natural common thing XD lol or not XD
psychotic-sue Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2009
i love it! ganesha is my gave hindu god, along with Saraswati great job on it! :horns:
jlhy Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2009
Have you ever heard this?[link]
nimbolkar Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2008
Dear friend,
this is our famous God called Ganesha, Ganpati, Vinayak, Vakratund etc.

We celebrate 10 days festival all over india of Ganesha and it is world famous.

If u would like to visit I m giving u one of the famous ganesha festival link of Mumbai


anyway thanks for drawing a very good carricature of our God.

within some days i am uploading my drawings of Ganesha. i will inform u. Pl. do visit then.

Thank u very much
rourkie Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008  Professional General Artist
Ganesh is by far my favorite Hindu gods. And not just cause he's a furry, or because he's a glutton. <333

(Though, that totally helps... >.>;)
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